Brownies and Lemonade Biography

Brownies and Lemonade began in the same way many great companies start- at home. Stuck on the Westside of town at UCLA, and broke in the way college kids are, Kush Fernando and Jose Guzman decided to throw parties that got away from the overwhelming frat party scene at the university and provided a space for themselves and their friends. The parties started out small- basically whoever could fit in their small apartment- but it quickly began to grow into something more. 

After college, the duo continued to throw parties, notably the Camp Trill Summer Series, and in 2013, they invited Hoodboi at The Lash for what is considered to be their first Brownies and Lemonade event. From there, things snowballed into action and eventually landed them partnerships for events with Coachella, Hard Summer, Red Bull's 30 Days in LA, with artists like Diplo, Ryan Hemsworth, Dillon Francis, and Skrillex being a part of their events.

Still though, the boys keep everything in line with their original message of staying true to their DIY aesthetic and making sure to keep the attendees their first priority. This has made the team one of the biggest names in event production in the city of LA, and their dedication to making the event an experience has given B&L a dedicated fanbase that trusts them for perfect artist curation, as well as an overall good time. While their name continues to grow from LA into the rest of the US, they’re still the weird kids throwing events with unique music, and they plan to keep this their mission for years to come.