Supah Mario Biography

If you’re a hip hop fan at any level, there are chances you’ve heard Supah Mario’s work on the airwaves. The talented artist has worked with some of today’s hottest Hip Hop artists, but his rise to the top came with innumerable sacrifices and devotion. He’s even cleverly derived his name from the parallels he saw within his life to the character, as both the video game plumber and Mario have had to jump through difficult, often painful hoops to make it to the top while working blue-collar careers.

In the past, he spent his days working as a janitor, often only making four hundred dollars a month, to feed his daughter and fend for his family; despite the exhaustion from the rigorous manual labor every day, he fended off sleep to spend his nights honing his craft and trying to get his music heard. Without the extra financial ability to get help from working professionals to jumpstart his career like some of his contemporaries, he worked to gain recognition through sheer hard work and perseverance. He would eventually spend a decade working on production before he saw measurable recognition from the outside world, but his dedication to his passion proved to be worth it in the end.

It was when he was 25 and had just welcomed his daughter into the world that he first saw mainstream success with Young Thug, the artist he’s still commonly associated with today. His production work eventually became Thugger’s “2 Cups Stuffed,” and from there, the work began to flow in. Since his first placement, he’s gone on to continue making songs for the ATL rapper, including the now-infamous “Wyclef Jean,” along with other unique work for 2 Chainz, O.T. Genasis, and Lil Yachty, among others. His biggest accomplishment however, is his track with Drake on More Life, the second to last song on the playlist- “Ice Melts.” Originally intended for Young Thug, Drake happened to be in the studio when this was playing, and he quickly fell in love with the Caribbean-infused track. The next day, the Toronto-based rapper asked to use it for his project instead.

He’s currently in the works to make tracks with Uzi, Famous Dex, and Post Malone, and it’s clear that the talented artist is headed for legendary heights. He’s setting his sights on dominating the music game, and with successes like these already on his impressive CV, we must take note - there’s an epic unfolding before our eyes.