23 Things I did When I was 23

Every year I try to write all of the things I did that year, tuned to the age I'm leaving. So, without further adieu, here is 23 things I did at 23. 

  1. Saw Dave Chappelle for like a 2 hour show randomly one night
  2. Met Snoop Dogg!
  3. Getting ready for the LSAT
  4. Worked PR (and left it...) 
  5. Saw Noah Purifoy stuff on a weekend at Joshua Tree
  6. Sent someone to the Medical Tent at FYF (...although not directly my fault)
  7. Moved to LA 
  8. Reconnected with some friends I never thought I would see again 
  9. Worked freelance full time
  10. Magnetic Magazine
  11. FCF
  12. San Diego trip with Jonathan!
  13. Trip to SF to see Jonathan
  14. Stopped taking in sugar
  15. Started walking and running every (other) day 
  16. Blueprint Sessions LA 
  17. The Eagle 
  18. Booked tickets for Japan!!!
  19. Learned that roller disco is not in my future 
  20. Went to a rich white person wedding of the Martinelli Family 
  21. Got into golf again
  22. accidental acid 
  23. TBA