I remember you telling me the story about your fortune cookie side business way back when. It involved you and some girl who didn't matter to you anymore, and I remember wondering if I was ever going to be that girl who didn't matter in one of your stories from another life. Will I be the girl you won't say hi to when you see her at MOCA because she's not important anymore?  I guess now I know the answer to that. I hope, at least, that you remember to point out that I had great taste in shoes if I ever come up again. 

I'm not going to be sad about us. We loved each other. One day, I will look back and remember everything that was great. Yes, there were difficulties and challenges, but I loved every minute of being with you, even when we fought. I got to feel a happiness I never knew existed.

Maybe one day, I'll feel it again in another time and another place, and you will too. It'll always have a hint of you there now though, a subtle reminder of the past. 

I think I'll miss waking up next to you the most. The morning kisses all over my face and how we would wake up a little bit before the alarm to just exist together before work. I'll miss when you wanted to tickle me or even play with my belly button in that weird way. I'll even miss playing the god-awful flip-card game together and never winning any cards. 

I do want us to be friends but how and if that's possible, I don't know right now. 

P.S. If and when there is another girl in your life, buy her more flowers than you did with me, and take her out to more dinners as much as possible. It's what I always wanted from you more and never got to have.