Catching Up

The last couple of weeks have admittedly been a blur. Work has been busy because of the annual clusterfuck that is March - thank you SXSW and MMW- and with the added aftertaste of my personal life, things have been all over the place, chaotic, and I haven't had too many moments to sit down. 

I've been nonstop writing, and for a while, they were babbling that meant nothing. I was writing simply to stop myself from crying or just feeling sorry for myself. It's good to know that I don't ever stay a mess for long though. For the most part, I've gotten back to my old self. Perhaps a slightly more worn and tired version though. 

People seem to feel sorry for me, which I resent. I want to be fine, and I feel like I am now. I don't need anyone being sad for me. I'm 23, life doesn't stop anywhere close to here.

I am afraid I don't know how to trust and open up to people again though. How can I trust anything when I didn't see what was happening before my own eyes? Do I really know what's going on? I'm not sure. Time will tell. 

The summer is coming though, so for now, I'm back to my old ways. I feel like I've started a new chapter already.