My favorite compliment in the entire world came from my boss while I was at UCLA. Since I didn't have a car at the time, one of my bosses drove me and a student coworker to a restaurant for a group dinner. We were pretty close knit, at least as much as college students with nothing in common working in IT and a bunch of dudes in their twenties and thirties could.

My boss was and still is interesting. He's incredibly intelligent in nearly all subject matters- history, science, politics, economics, and more. Beyond that though, all the student workers and him loved chatting about movies and music. He put me onto Busdriver, and at the time Run the Jewels was just starting up, so we talked a lot about that. 

But anyways, we were sitting in that car, talking about movies, I can't remember what, when he said to me, "one day when you're making the remake of Rear Window, I'll do anything to work on that set." 

I'd never made any kind of mention about wanting to make a movie before. It always felt out of reach, something that would be so amazing to do one day, but it was just something I would never even think about approaching as realistic. For the record, I still don't think that I can make a movie. It doesn't seem like the career trajectory I'm on currently, but I don't know. A compliment like that made me feel like I could maybe do anything I want. Nothing seems impossible. If he thinks I'm capable of creating a movie one day, then surely I'm capable of anything. 

I doubt he even remembers anything about that moment, but it meant a lot to me. It's my favorite compliment.