Day 1: Hello, Friend.

September 8, 2016

I don't know when, but sometime within the last couple of years, I started getting the sensation that the music and the passion I felt for music was slowly dissipating, leaving me for someone younger, sexier, more naive. As this new wave of trends, where bass is regarded as a more powerful musical aphrodisiac for kids wearing Season 1 ,2, 3, and now 4 of Yeezy than powerful chords or emotionally intelligent lyrics, I started feeling like I had lost my touch and that I was no longer understanding the culture I once felt I thrived in. 

The musicians and artists I once loved from afar are now closer to me than ever, but in turn, their humanity no longer gives me false idols to worship. Can I appreciate someone's art when I know what they do behind closed doors? Humans are much further from perfection than I once thought, and the evils that lurk in nightlife, and the temptations of music prey on our faults like a cancer. 

I don't regret diving into music; despite it all, I can't live in a world where music and what it entails is not consuming all of me day in and out. Despite it's darkness, this world is mine. I belong here, and I worked hard for it. But I needed a space where I can feel in control again. 

So this is my little safe haven. Welcome.