Fuck the Internet

I've been without internet the last couple of days because I didn't pay attention to the fine print on my Wifi port thing I'm using while I'm in Japan and my data was slowed down to a crawl because I went over the monthly limit. Anyways, because of that, the internet has been essentially dwindled down to working just enough to receive phone calls on Line and send messages. For the most part that meant I was listening to music saved on my phone, hoping the latest Hamish and Andy podcast can be streamed and staring at blurry photos on Instagram and the occasional update on Twitter.

But it also made me think about how much better my mental health was feeling. This limited access to the internet meant I was just taking in most news through Japanese television and newspaper or through third party discussions. It also meant hearing and making judgements for everything by myself, and sidestepping from all of the hoopla that comes from major bombshell/breaking news type stuff.

I finally was able to reaccess the internet again yesterday because there was a reset (thank you new month) and I checked all of the usuals, and it was... a miserable place. People bickering and arguing about things they know nothing about, stupid memes, stupid glorification of other humans... and I was honestly kind of tired of it all. I decided to try to find an older Aziz Ansari interview because for whatever reason I thought he talked about a specific app that blocked social media sites, but instead stumbled upon his GQ interview instead (he doesn't talk about any specific app or anything in this one), and I found that I really relate to a lot of what he says about the internet. I think I want to go back to something a little simpler. Obviously it's a little harder for me to just quit email and all forms of social media (he even quit email, which is a bit impossible unless you're a sought-after millionaire) but I think cutting back and deleting certain apps from my phone might be a good start. I've been reading White Trash by Nancy Isenberg anyways, and not having these distractions on my phone will be a good way to start reading it more. Anyways, my goal is to stop perusing these apps and spend my time being more productive. 

In other news, going to start studying UX design in my free time. Should be interesting.