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So my friend Sam started this Instagram, where she writes down friends goals for the year. Of course, she just asked me a bunch of questions and I had no idea what this was for in the middle of a party, so I've spent this entire morning thinking about what my goals actually were. Some I'm already working on, others are a little more... down the line haha. 

Here they are:

  • Take the lsat in september
  • Get more flexible
  • Go to japan
  • Eat better
  • Workout and get a body worthy of LA 
  • Spend quality time with friends
  • Go to more non-music events
  • Go to more comedy events
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Visit ATL 
  • Hike more 
  • FYF music festival 
  • Travel more in general 
  • Appreciate and love my friends 
  • Get into continuous line art and drawing in general 
  • Take more photos of when I'm out and about 
  • Practice writing short stories 
  • dress well every single day and invest in some really nice outfits 
  • Write more
  • Keep a proper journal