It's The Simple Things

I've been studying for the LSAT lately, and since my course started, I haven't had much time for all of my usual ritual of weekend drinking and music events. Life has slowed, but it's been pleasant and healthy and calm. I feel like I'm in the center of chaos, tranquil amidst the madness.

I've been noticing how much the little things in life have been making my day. Yesterday I made curry, and a few days earlier I used some of the spices my mom gave me to make fried rice Japanese style. I cleaned my house, and I went to the Indian market by my house for the first time. I took a break from the day with a walk. It's small, seemingly inconsequential things that have been making my life worth it. I'm on my way to something bigger and better and greater than I can yet imagine, but for now, studying and focusing and being healthy has been the recipe for my success.