I admittedly don't think about you often; the ravages of time have placed you often into the back of my deepest memories. We weren't friends for long anyways, and in the timeline of stories on Earth, our friendship came and went in the blink of an eye. It probably wasn't even that significant for one another. We came and went, like leaves swirling in the wind. But on nights like these, I go back through our years together and relive the simple moments, before things got hard. I never got to say goodbye and I wish I told you I was sorry. 

We lost touch over time, but I always thought there was going to be some set aside to make up for the bad memories. In the future, we were supposed to run into each other, and it was then that I could apologize for the pain I once brought. I imagined that we could be friends one day again, but life disagreed. 

We never managed to mend anything, but it was probably the least of your concerns when things took that dark turn. It's all I think about now when I think of you though. I wish I could have seen you travel and see your bright face shine. Go to college, fall in love, fall out of love, and become a new person. You were always so full of light, when did things go wrong? There was and still is life beyond the walls we were once confined in, and you of all people should have gotten a chance to see it. 

Our times together were small but meaningful, and every New Years Day I pour out a little drink and say a little prayer for you. Should I have been there? Could I have been there? All I know I can do is promise you that I'm going to live as much as possible for both of us, for all of us, for all that didn't make it to today because the Earth and our bodies were too cruel and punishing us for just wanting to live. That's the only real form of repayment I can give you now. 

Until we meet again, friend.