Joey Diaz Box of Soul

So this is kinda weird, but I've been playing a lot of This is Not Happening in the background while I work during the day, and most are honestly background noise or great for a quick laugh, but this one definitely stopped me in my tracks. Joey Diaz talks about this box, and how it was like the essence of his soul, and whenever he gets mad, he can take a look at this and come back. "I'll never get lost" is the basic idea of what he was getting at. 

I started a box. There are some things I know I can't find anymore, but I found some cool stuff, like old ticket stubs from old shows and festivals, and a notebook from when i was living in Scotland, and so many polaroids... holy shit, how much money did I spend on polaroids >.<.  I wish I started a box like this much earlier. If I ever have kids, I definitely will start a little thing for them like this.