Most people don't realize what karma means. The very basic, very watered down version is that good things happen to good people, and vice versa. 

But it is rarely ever that simple. 

Karma is very real for my life, and my religion, which is embedded into my culture, requires me to believe in it. Good things happen to good people yes, but the bad... the bad things that happen are never an accident. Karma has specific consequences for the things you do. 

I think about our president now, and all of the evil that he will cause, and my heart hurts. It causes me pain to know how many people could die from his consequences. It hurts to know how many people might lose their jobs, their homes, and more. 

But I know karma will bring upon him something soon. 

My best friend told me a story about his grandmother's sister. His grandmother owned land in their native country, and while she moved to the US, she never sold the land until years down the line, when she knew she would never return. Her sister agreed to help her because she was still back home. The land ended up being worth over 2 million dollars, and greed got to her sister. She took it all, and my friend's grandmother never saw any of it come back to her.

But that lady's family took a hit soon after.

Her son died in a car accident, and her husband died a couple years after that. She's now alone, without her family, in a big house and a fancy car. That is what karma does. It knows how to make it hurt. It attacks your friends, your family, not just you. It takes away everything you want to protect. You may survive through it, but your heart will hurt as much as it hurt from your actions. 

And so President Trump, Vice-President Pence, karma will come for you.