Oh, Brother!

I wish my brother had more time to talk to me. He's been too busy for me since he was 16, when the world of dance seemed to swirl him away from the rest of the family. At home, we often joke that he's a roommate rather than family. I think I honestly might spend more time with my parents than he does, and I live in a separate (albeit pretty close) city. 

That was alright for a while, but I can feel the whispers of change through the winds. My parents are embarking on the next chapter of their lives and unintentionally causing a ripple in our world. They are moving away and my brother and I will be all that remains of our family in Southern California. What then? Will my brother have no time for me? Will we meet up during the colder months to cook mizutaki and shabu-shabu together so that we can remember the tastes of home? Will he call me when he's short on money and visit me? Those are all things that have never happened before, and thinking that the future involves the two of us being a solitary team is both frightening and confusing. 

I've always considered us close but we don't text each other frequently or call to catch up. He's 20 and too busy for such a thing as familial bonding. I suppose in some ways I was that way too- I ran off to college while he stayed, so I had my chance to be away. But still...

I just wish he knew that I am here.