I've been thinking extensively about my future and my place in the world. I always thought that if you took your passion and made it your job, nothing could stop me, but no one ever explained that my passion for music could be worn down so easily. 

A lot has been happening in 2016. Political turmoil, to say the least, has been abundant everywhere, and I can't help but think that I haven't done anything to make the world a better place. What am I doing that makes this place safer, smarter, healthier? The answer, much to my annoyance, is nothing. 

I write for a couple of different places, and I feel like I spend so much time trying to appease someone else. If its not my various bosses, then it's the readers. If it's not the readers, then it's the publicists. Think about clicks and hits they say. They don't say anything about what these platforms can do to make communities better and stronger. 

Donald Trump, Brexit, Syria/Aleppo, Black Lives Matter, and all of the millions of things happening now prove how flawed people are. I can't believe we let people to die during the DAPL protests for some oil. I can't believe people don't understand that BLM doesn't mean ONLY black lives matter, simply that they should matter as much as everyone else. How many more photos and videos of children do we need to see before we help refugees find a home? Why are we so afraid of LGBT members? And for god's sake, Donald Trump and white privilege... 

2016 also made me realize how much I hate money. I've been a college student in the last five years and a millennial, and the idea that we're culturally rich and economically poor has never resonated so hard with me. Capitalism was made to push people to be the best version of themselves. The theory teaches that if we reward people for hard work, we can be successful. We should think better, push and motivate ourselves because if we work harder, then we can keep climbing up. But what happens when the money starts to get hidden in offshore accounts and given to so few people while everyone else fights for the rest? Why are some people so lucky and others left for the dust? Does this really inspire people to work harder? Minorities, especially latino and black, are routinely disadvantaged in schools. If we're aiming for everyone to have an equal shot, shouldn't we all be starting from the same start line? 

I think when you're a kid, you're taught that anything is possible. And like so many of the promises we're told. Santa, the tooth fairy, religion, it's becoming clear to the millennial generation that nothing about this world is what it seems. We might seem whiny and lazy, but the true evil lies in the people who paint us that way. We're not lazy. We're willing to work. We're just not willing to succumb to bullshit, and that makes me feel that we're stronger than they think.