It's Not Easy.

Love is a challenge. It's not easy, and it's not supposed to be easy, and all of the years of lies that accumulate in films, and tv shows, and songs don't like to mention that love is work.

People are too complex, and the concept of love is too simple.

There is no such thing as 100% compatibility, 100% of the time. Everyone has baggage and everyone has problems, but it is in these areas where our greatest test within ourselves lie. We can't leave when things are tough. Not at least without trying. Friends, family, and our significant others, they are supposed to be worth the effort, and this is where the true test of a man lies. It's easy to love when things are good, but it's a cowardly and weak move to leave because something gets tough. 

Of course, there are always solid reasons to leave. But I know I'll never leave without trying, without putting in effort, and without doing everything I possibly could to make it work. 

Life isn't always fun, and love, in whatever form, isn't easy. There are tests and challenges along the way, and I know that with everyone I lost throughout time, I gave it a fighting chance and I'm proud that I don't let people go that easily. I love my friends, and I love them hard. None of us are perfect, or attuned to knowing about the same things, or easy to bear all the time, but I know that if there are people who love me and I love them, and we have fun together, that's all I need to be happy. I have fiercely loyal people in my life because I'm a fiercely loyal person. I always put the people I love first, and I don't understand a person who can't appreciate that. 

It's selfish and pretentious to think that the world should revolve around one person like that. To assume that there are people out there who are just going to click and things will be nothing but sunflowers and sunshine for the rest of one's life. To think that there aren't times when I want to chop my boyfriends head off or I want to cut off a friend because they are being stupid or extreme. The world doesn't revolve around anyone, and if you want to stay in orbit with everyone else, there are concessions to be made. It's idealistic to dream of a world so perfect, but it's childish to dream of this world and not put in any effort.