I'm sad.

I'm sad that people can feel so much hate that they are willing to run people over via car.

I'm sad, although slightly relieved, that the Republican party has finally shown its true face. 

I'm sad that we have a president that won't denounce White Supremacists for their actions. 

I'm sad that we don't have a minute to breathe as we go from one chaos to the next, but I am proud that people have not stayed silent. 

I'm sad that people can't seem to listen to listen to either side without calling each other names. 

I'm sad that certain people can't seem to understand the pain that they are inflicting on everyone else, and how everyone just wants to be on an equal playing field. 

I'm sad for everyone that is in a disenfranchised minority or community. 

I'm sad that Millennials get a lot of heat for things that are beyond our control, and for the fact that the previous generations seemed to hand us a full plate of mass chaos for us to deal with. 

I'm sad to think about everyone that came before us, who were stuck in an oppressive system. 

I'm sad that so many Syrians have died or been moved out of their home. I can't imagine my land becoming a terrorist free for all, running and swimming my way out of a country and then being hated by the biggest country in the world. 

I'm sad that we are represented by a man that not only has no experience in political work, but seems to openly dislike working to unite the country. 

I'm sad that Mitch Mcconnell was so intent on getting rid of healthcare even though his life was changed and improved by Federally funded healthcare. 

I'm sad that Tomi Laren is utilizing Obamacare herself but thinks that everyone else should have their healthcare removed. 

I'm sad that we even think that healthcare is a choice, like there are rich people out there openly opting out of healthcare because they feel like it. Like somehow we are all out there debating on whether or not we should have something that is so obviously necessary for a long and fruitful life. 

I'm sad of all of the people who hate me and my friends for things that can't be controlled. Our skin color, our gender, our sexuality, where we're born and who we're born to is deciding too much about our fate and its unfair. 

We all sit with these heavy heavy burdens, aging us daily as we sit through another day of mess. What I am proud about is all of the protesting (in more ways than one) that has been stopping most of the bad things from happening. It is the main motivation to help make the world a better place. We must continue to fight for our right to be who we are, to have more equal opportunity, and for some semblance of peace or else there will be no United States.

I worry that there will be more deaths to come, but I hope that we get through the year unscathed.