Palm Springs - I am a city girl, I cannot lie.

Back from a vacation in Palm Springs and I honestly can say I've never been more appreciative of being back in LA, with my laptop and my tv shows and all of my music and gadgets. I am a city girl, I cannot lie. This all kicked my ass and I feel like a vulnerable, feeble urban asshole now that I'm back home. Not to say that Palm Springs/Joshua Tree or my holiday was bad, just different than any other adventure I've embarked on. Most of my holidays, including ones with my family, involve lots of drinking and loud music, and a hazy, hectic stretch of time that blurs into feeling like it's one long day; this time, it was a lot of hiking and driving, and heat. Crazy ass amounts of heat.  It's probably the first time I've come back from being out of town and feeling healthier than I did when I left... all of that of course, promptly destroyed by the quesadilla I demolished from the local food truck moments after I dropped le-boyfriend off at his place. So much for health. 

This weekend was payment for the disaster of a time we had at FYF, or more like, the disaster of a time he had at FYF. I still feel really bad for making him go through that, I know he's not a big fan of crowds, and this year's event was awfully packed. I also think I might just have a penchant for sending people to the medical tent at festivals. Honestly this time around at the tent I basically knew the drill of how things were going to go, which is probably not a good thing. 

EZE is so different from me. Sometimes I wonder if maybe our idea of fun might be different, and it's something I have briefly worried about before, but everything seems pretty great right now. We still lead entirely separate lives for a lot of the time, him in his art circle, and me in my music one, and it's brought a new type of joy to have him around when we do hang out. It's different, but I never wanted to be with someone exactly like myself anyways. Life is here to learn and grow from, and that's what I'm doing.