The alarm rings, bringing on the start of a new day. On some mornings, it will ring at 6 am because you forgot to iron your shirt, and the one time we used my steamer on your white button-up, you ended up buying a new work shirt from rust stains. It means you'll have to run home before work, and those are my least favorite mornings. The sleepy, less considerate version of me that's present in the AM wants to scheme to make you late. 

At other times, it will be a more casual 8 am, and on those days, we almost always wake up a little early and we spend an hour savoring the last moments together before we get ready for work. We fall in and out of slumber on those days, knowing we should get as much sleep as possible, but waking up in little moments to find solace in one another. 

The time itself doesn't matter really, because regardless of whether or not it's 6 am, 8 am, 10 am, or 3 pm, it's not enough. 

I was never one to appreciate sleep until I learned that even in moments where we are resting, beautiful memories are being made. Throughout the night, I might grab your hand until our palms are too sweaty, or you might grab my thigh or wrap your arm around me. If it's a little bit closer to the morning, I'll get a kiss on the nose or several kisses all over my face. If you're a little more awake than I am, you'll stroke some of my hair out of the way. We'll mumble some words about the dreams we had throughout the night, blending a mixture of slumber and reality that settles on something strangely in-between. 

I live for these little vignettes throughout the night. In the darkness of the night, you are my solace. The kisses are my only alarm clock, and we are safe during those hours together. The alarm clock cuts us off each day a little too soon for our liking, but the reality is that there would never be enough time.