Being Nice.

Engaging with the enemy. 

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt through all of my years trying to understand politics and our two-party system, it’s how dangerous loyalty to these parties can be. Most people shouldn’t ever completely align themselves with one party and believe whatever they say and do. I’ve tried my best to live with these words in mind, but I’m starting to see that others are not. 

I’m going to start making it a point to try to reach across the aisle. Not because I think it’ll change my mind or that I’ll even change theirs, but there’s been zero room for negotiations between parties or the people who identify with them. No one is reaching out toward the other, and we’re becoming more and more divided and it’s only going to get worse. Every comment and article is about libtard this conservtard that, and it honestly just makes me want to shut my computer and walk away. It hurts because I think we’re all alike more than we think, and these parties have managed to tap into the points that make us different and what should have been negotiating points became points where we hate each other. 

I chatted with someone I went to high school with the other day and he is a Trump supporter. It was difficult, ultimately we didn’t change our minds, we had disagreements, but I think it helped give a rounded view to the types of people supporting trump besides the racist ones making the news. We were respectful of each other’s opinions and had a detailed conversation on our similarities and our differences. We both believed in America, we both believed in working hard, and we both believed in helping each other. Maybe we can’t agree on guns, or healthcare, or minimum wage, or immigration, but I think it helped us at least humanize the other party, it did for me at least. I feel like a lot of people will want to give me shit for even engaging in a conversation with a Trump supporter, but that's so wrong. If we continue to hate one another and think of the other as an enemy more than someone we need to work with, the separation will continue to grow until something drastic happens. 

This isn’t me giving anyone an excuse for the revival of the white supremacy or denial of climate change, there are very clear and obvious signs that things are very wrong in this specific presidency, and I’ll never stop fighting for the things I believe in. I will always call things out when it’s total bullshit and against all logic. But I just want to stop feeling like it’s us against them and that I should hate people who might disagree with me. I feel like every article just wants me to push hate. They reaffirm everything I believe while making anyone who diverts or has any other train of thought feel like an idiot. I don't think denying facts is okay, and I don't think any of what's happening now is okay, but when has ever yelling "you're wrong" over and over again in someone's face ever changed someone's mind? It hasn't. We need to speak to each other more and know that each one of us is just a small human in the history of time and that we're all just trying to make it through the day. If we can just start turning the hate around, it could change everything and make us all feel a little more together again.